Doua chestii pe care le-am citit

si mi-au dat fiori. La propriu. Intr-un interviu din 2013 cu Ethan Hawke .

Pentru mine:

The father has a very particular role, which involves cutting the umbilical cord, not just as a literal thing but as a metaphor. The father is the guardian of that first step away from the real safety of the nest. Our job is to usher our children into the world.

Pentru noi toti, mai ales in zilele astea:

In Macbeth, it’s fascinating to see the moment when the witches actually come to Macbeth—it’s after the biggest triumph of his life. The play opens and he’s won two battles and he’s the hero of both. Everybody loves him more than ever. And that’s the moment the witches come. That’s what Shakespeare shows: You’re not your most vulnerable when you’re broke and destitute and hungry. I mean, it’s a tough moment, sure. But it’s even tougher when the world gives you everything you want. That’s when you’re really in danger of becoming a prick.


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