Cel mai bun text de parenting

When I advocate self-observation people sometimes assume that it`s just another form of self-absorbed navel gazing. Self-observation is not self-obssesion, however. On the contrary, it is a tool that enables us to become less self-absorbed, because it teaches us not to be taken over by obsessive thoughts and feelings. With self-observation we develop more internal clarity and can become more open to the emotional liver of those around us.

The ability to observe and listen to feelings and bodily sensations is essential to staying sane. We need to be able to use our feelings but not to be used by them.

Ăsta e cel mai bun text de parenting pe care l-am citit anul ăsta. Și nu l-am citit într-o carte de parenting. Philippa Perry – How To Stay Sane.

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